Room 3: Premium Rehearsal Featured


OFF PEAK HOUR: $30 or less per hour. Automatic discount for longer booking.

PEAK HOUR: $45 or less per hour. Automatic discount for longer booking.

This soundproofed, acoustically cured room contains high-quality equipment laid out to maximize your creativity and rehearsal productivity.

Equipment list

  • Drums: Pearl - Exx Export 22Inch Fusion Plus Kit W/Hardware & Cymbals 
  • 2 x Guitar Cab: Blackstar - 2X12 Celestion Speaker Cab mk2
  • 2 x Guitar Heads: Blackstar 50 Watt Head
  • Bass Amp: Mark Bass - 500w Analog Pre-Amp
  • Bass Cab: Mark Bass 4X10 80HM
  • Mixer: Yamaha - MH12XU - premixer with effects
  • 2 x 12 inch speakers (pa): Yamaha DBR12
  • 3 x microphones: AK5 - P5S Dynamic


PA 2 x 12-inch speakers
3 microphones
Bass Amp and Cab
2 x Guitar Amp and Cab
Digital Piano
Drums with Cymbals


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Hosted by Soundbox Studios

From  $30 /hour

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